What Do the Elements Have to Do with Health & Well-Being

esoteric 5 element wheelWhat do the elements have to do with our health and well-being? To answer this, let’s look to the concept of Yin and Yang and 5-Element Theory.

Yin and Yang is the basic concept of Chinese Medicine. Yin represents what is feminine, cold, internal and dark; yang, what is masculine, warm, external, and light. Each opposite aspect is reflected in the other and easily merges with the other, showing inter-connection–how we are both feminine and masculine, yin and yang. With this flow, applied to any aspect of life, we are healthy in mind, body and spirit, dancing with all of life.

Nature reflects this dance and is stored within all beings–all intelligence. This desire for balance is stored within life, i.e., trees, the planets, the land, the stones, the creek…and in mammals, insects, rodents, amphibians… We actually thrive on each other.

Because humans are Nature, we too have desire for balance. One way to consider balance, is through the 5-Element theory. The 5-elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water express in our physical bodies, in our emotions, in the food we eat, and so on.

Each organ has an affinity for one particular season of the year; with an emotion; and many other important factors that impact our well-being and health. Living consciously within these cycles, helps us merge with Nature, and therefore thrive, versus being stagnant on one side of the wheel.

Many of us though sit on one side or the other. I notice in myself a tendency to over-eat, which leads to inertia. It’s an example of a pattern that feeds imbalance, a way to check out, rather than be in tune. We all do that in various ways, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Embracing tools and alternatives, such as embracing the elements, lead us to make healthier choices, and foster well-being.

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