Why I Love Pumpkin

Oh how I love pumpkin!
I love to grow it, cook with it and eat it.

What’s so great about pumpkin?  Pumpkin is nutritious, delicious and a perfect food for those who have damp conditions and/or spleen chi deficiency.

Pumpkin has a cooling thermal nature. It’s sweet and slightly bitter. All of this means it’s good for heat conditions, and nourishes the stomach/spleen and heart.

Lately I’ve been eating it on toasted millet bread, as a spread. I essentially made my own “pumpkin butter”, by adding molasses and a bit of coconut oil. Adding creamed pumpkin seeds would probably make it even more delicious.

Growing pumpkins is super easy too.  You just need a good amount of space, with southern exposure or lots of sunlight.  


My first successful attempt to grow pumpkins happened when I threw a rotting Halloween pumpkin over the deck, directed into the end of my herb garden.  What happened that next summer was a delightful surprise.

As a child, we had a minor stint with growing pumpkins, and ever since I wanted to grow them.  I loved walking outside to see them. Pumpkins seemed to have a magical quality in my Disneyland mind, and now I had my own bunch of them.  Thankfully my neighbor didn’t mind them growing over into his yard.

Pumpkins don’t need much attention, though checking them regularly is a good idea, especially to turn them, so the bottom sides don’t rot.

Halfway through the season, the leaves began to turn white. It was some kind of fungus.  Thankfully it didn’t harm the five that my small patch grew (at least from what I can tell).

Enjoy all the root vegetables this Autumnal season, and remember to include tasty pumpkin into your meals and celebratory life. I appreciate pumpkin for its enchanting orange beauty and for all the health benefits it provides.

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