Digestion; Virgo & 4th House

Astrologically, the Virgo generation (those born 1959-1969) is digestively, doubly-challenged.

Virgo relates to digestive health and Pluto with elimination, thus Pluto in Virgo generation gets a double dose of stomach chi (for good or ill).

If the generational planets are in the 4th house of the stomach, the ability to digest, or lack there of, is increased ten-fold and EMPATHY is a definite, thus the need live in a nourishing environment, and to practice excellent nutrition, as well as good energetic hygiene.  This is true for the entire generation.  VIRGO rules purity, alternative medicine, energy medicine, so those born in the 60’s benefit immensely from integrative health options.

In consideration of the latest research in nutrition and neuroscience, the microbiome–our gut–has everything to do with immunity and brain function.  There is much research on this now.

Cancer, being a water sign, is linked to the emotions, which means a 4th house soul utilizes digestion as a main channel for emotional digestion.

Unconsciously absorbing other peoples emotions like an emotional sponge is also a likely dynamic.  Many tend to over eat or starve themselves to manage the energetic overload.

Usually there is an emotional hunger that has gone unaddressed, or unmet and the person is then quite susceptible to absorbing the emotions of other people (empathic) and/or cords others via the chakra system, syphoning off their energy to fuel our own sense of lack, thus living through others rather than our own energy and alignment.  This is a dysfunctional pattern, which does not correct the problem.  It’s a learned way of emotional survival (whether it began because of a physiological or psychological issue).

When the emotional body is unattended to, with past emotions unprocessed, patterns of over-eating or under-eating, over indulging in emotions, obsessing and obsession, worry and CARE-taking persist.

Toxic emotions make us sick, not just the food we eat.

I am not an acupuncturist, but have studied Chinese Nutrition and Chinese Theory in graduate school, and had many many years of personal experience with acupuncture and herbal therapy, plus two decades of healing from deficient mothering, digestive issues, and mega-4th house challenges.

Additionally, there is something called rebellious chi.  CHI is energy, life force that is harmonious/flowing.  Rebellious chi means the flow of the meridian is going backwards.  The stomach meridian flows downward.  We eat, the stomach digests, then the spleen takes the nutrients and forms it into blood, then the blood is dispersed into various avenues, including the liver.

When there is deficient digestion, the spleen cannot build the blood properly and the tendency for the stomach meridian to stagnant and begin to flow backwards is quite probable.  From an energy medicine chakra perspective this is correlated to the first three chakras–grounding, relationship/sexuality, and power issues.

For this post the focus is more on the power of emotions, thoughts, feelings, than the physiology of the stomach.

We are entering the Season of Late Summer, which specifically relates to the Earth organs.  It is an important time to nourish the stomach and spleen.  Depending on the individual’s specific challenges, eating foods that support the Earth organs is very helpful in creating a happy stomach.  Chinese Nutrition is based in eating balanced with all the organs in mind, to create harmony and balance in the body.

Sweet foods support the spleen, pancreas and stomach. Not refined sugar, but root vegetables, grains and slow roasted vegetables! Carrots, rutabaga, parsnip, turnip, garbanzo beans, black beans, pungent vegetables like onion and leeks. Animal products should be consumed in very small quantity. Butter is the only recommended dairy product.

If there are chronic digestive issues, I highly recommend working with an integrative functional medicine doctor, an herbalist, acupuncturist, and/or health coach, to empower your health and well-being.  Believe me if I can get better, you can too.

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