WOMEN & Stomach Health

imgresThrough menarche and peri-menopause, to menopause and post-menopause, it’s a dance to reach for optimal health within a sick-care system.

Through my own personal long, winding and sometimes mysterious road to find healing for underlying health conditions, I feel a strong desire and obligation to share all the information I found that changed my life.

For thirty-five years I suffered with bouts of chronic pain, which ultimately led to embracing bodywork, core energetics and integrative healthcare.  In mid-life, I discovered low stomach acid, MTHFR issues and hormonal imbalances where impacting my health and well-being.  I begged my doctor for estrogen (not Premarin!), and she begged me not to take it.  Finally (now in 2020) I have found a doctor who is working with me on every level!

Why is the stomach such an important organ for women’s health?  It’s the main meridian that runs through the breast.  In fact, it runs directly underneath the nipple.

Meridians run parallel on each side of the body.  The stomach meridian begins its pathway along side the eye in the skull, then travels down to the eye, under the eye, then lateral to the ear, to the lateral jaw and along to the front of the jaw, and descends along both sides of the larynx (stomach meridian is linked to sore throats).  From there is continues down directly through the breast/nipple, through the stomach/gallbladder, down to the ovaries, and then turns lateral across the hip flexors and down the lateral side of the femur and to its final destination, the middle toe.

Breast Health Conqueror

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