Sub-Age of Aquarius

Leo operates from the heart,.  It’s highest expression is pure RADIANT Love and Light, meant to awaken THE SAME in everyone within its domain.

A major component of our collective evolution lies in LISTENING to and following the intelligence of the heart. Each Age has a sub-age which is in the opposite sign. Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius.

When we follow our hearts, and live with the heart integrated, we pull the Highest aspects of Aquarius to illuminate our world, and our minds. Without heart, we become cold, detached, and myopic (shadow of Aquarius).

Leo mirrors inner Light, reminding all to SHINE from within. 

As we collectively grow out of patriarchal constructs, we are called to embrace our HEARTS and CREATIVITY ACTUALIZE the hearts desires, in assistance and stewardship to humanity and all of Earth’s KIN, to take a stand for Nature as advances in globalization and technology (Aquarius) come forward.

As we each do this consciously more and more humanitarian pathways of living will integrate more readily.

We are coming out of the Pisceian and Virgo sub-age. The energies of Pisces/Virgo are very different than Aquarius/Leo.

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