Astro Bio

Many of you know I am an avid astrological enthusiast.

I truly appreciate the larger context astrology operates from and its diverse perspectives.  I find the rhythm of the planets to be an accurate barometer of both personal and collective temperatures-temperaments.

I was drawn to astrology as a moth is to a flame, though I had no idea of the vast astrological world I would discover, beyond the sun signs.  In my early twenties, I was hungry, actually desperate for a deeper understanding of my life.  Astrology helped me grasp why much of it has been so challenging, and what my soul’s role in that was.

This led to reading book after astrological book and analyzing my chart and others.

As a tool, I applied astrology to better understand myself and the complexities of my psyche.  Later, after much healing and awakening, I also focused on astrology to grasp the movement of the collective, rather than depend solely on the lens of the daily chronicles.

With a 60’s Signature (Uranus-Pluto in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces) personalized by Venus, Saturn and the nodes, I signed up for thorough (intense)!

As a seeker of authentic transformation and integration via holistic healing, integrative bodywork, body-centered psychology, mythology, shamanism, the reclamation of the Goddess and spirituality, as well as the creative arts, i.e., dancing, writing, and jewelry making…  In other words, I am drawn to the language of the soul.

Driven by a sincere need to transport myself out of the unconscious world of addiction and dysfunction, the language of astrology offered me a means to cognitively understand the struggles and extremes of my life, while it visually fed my creative and analytical mind.

In my first astro reading (1995) Caroline Casey described me to a T, revealing a complex, intense, fiesty, depressive, creative firey person!  I was thoroughly impressed.  Casey seemed to know everything about me, my background, and even my parents, though I had never met her before.  That August I laid under the stars on the beach and saw my first shooting stars during the Perseid meteor shower.

This new found genre helped me manage the painful lessons of my soul’s quantum intention.  As time moved along, I went further, deeper via Evolutionary Astrology into understanding my soul’s past conditioning, and its intention to transform and metamorphosize out of past conditioned patterns (immense trauma, fear, emotional projection, guilt and suffering~Pluto Virgo 4th house themes) to responsible soul tending through self-love, compassion and service to humanity, Goddess/God, Earth and all her kin.

The language of astrology continually encourages me forward through cycles of growth, around the wheel of time, beyond the limitations of  personality, addictions, and any resistance to evolve–in heart, soul and mind.

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