Wendy Groomes

DSC_0706Wendy Groomes is the Director of IN-TEG, an integrative health practice that offers Health & Wellness Coaching, Nutritional Counseling and Body-Centered modalities in support of individual and group health, in action.

Currently Wendy is finishing a Master’s of Art in Health and Wellness Coaching, with a specialization in Nutrition, and beginning a second Master’s of Science, in Integrative Nutrition.

This focus is a perfect segueway from her prior training and practice as a healing arts practitioner in bodywork and holistic healing, which began with her own healing journey in the 1980’s that led her towards deep alternative and integrative methods to heal (massage therapy, holistic psychotherapy, shamanism, metaphysics, twelve-step recovery, astrology, whole food nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, cellular transmutation and more).

The combination of Wendy’s education, training and personal experiences fuels her work in the world.  Wendy loves travel, dance, cooking, animals, nature and the unfoldment of the unlimited within us all.

Whether it is through telepathic communication with animals and the natural world or practical coaching, Wendy’s integrative alchemical style of healing and compassionate communication is sure to foster the path of wholeness and healing.

  • MA, Health & Wellness Coaching, 2015 Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • BA-Holistic Studies, Spirituality & Religion, 2010 Union Institute & University
  • Massage Therapy Certification, 1995 Potomac Massage Training Institute

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