Astrology for the Soul

bluezodiacIn the years of my astrological study, I have gravitated towards Evolutionary Astrology.  The rest of my training rests in twenty-two years of self-study that began in earnest 1991. Throughout 2005-2007, I studied with a private teacher.  Currently I continue my studies with The School of Evolutionary Astrology.

The EA philosophy views Pluto (its sign, placement and aspects) and the nodes to be symbolic of the soul and the soul’s past conditioning.  When viewed in this way, the natal chart reveals the soul’s evolutionary intent in this lifetime and where the soul resists its own evolution (separation from Source), as well as its desire to evolve and merge, or return to Source.

Souls who stumble upon past conditioning, over and over again, typically are drawn to the unconscious via the transpersonal realms, where the deeper soul layers and our unequivocal connection to the Source of all existence resides. or we remain victim to that conditioning.

The EA model because it offers a means for soul integration, what I call an Astrology Soul Retrieval.  With this philosophy, the art of astrology takes on a much deeper psychological, mythological, and archetypal language.  It speaks the soul’s evolutionary language.

It also shows the individual, whose chart is being read, that not one planet is in detriment (ancient astrology), as the soul itself designed the natal signature for a very specific reason.  Our souls set up our life circumstances and that reason is deeply and clearly revealed in the soul’s life experience and in an Evolutionary Astrology consultation.

Evolutionary astrology gets to the root of our challenges in a way that no other astrological forum that I know of does.

  • Natal Chart Reading $135
  • Transit Reading $100
  • Synastry/Composite $135
  • Parent/Child $135

Wendy delved deeply into the study of astrology in 1992, as a means to better understand her own soul path and personality. Her main interest lies in the multi-facactedness the art and science of astrology offers. Astrology is a never ending weaving of archetypes, elements, aspects, transits, and progressions dancing with our personal and collective minds, as a means to evolve us, to grow and to reach toward our desires. Learning the intricacies of your own map is an empowering and fascinating journey. I invite you to step more fully into the center of your astrological makeup and harness the power within.

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