All Hallows Eve

Autumn settles in as Halloween approaches, and the veil between worlds becomes increasingly thin.  The dusk of All Hollow’s Eve hangs mysteriously in the air and  I decorate the house with the help of my cats.

My furry little babes fly around with their fairy wings and  magical broomsticks as I sort through the witch-hat lights, to decorate the front entrance way of the house.  The mystical waters of Scorpio are palpable and we float through the house before settling in for the night.

I awake, Halloween day, embodied with ‘Blessed Be’ permeating my being. The Goddess gracefully whispers into every molecule as I move about preparing for the day. Silently she invokes her sacred song into my complete essence, whispering aliveness and blissful wellness to every woman who sings her sacred song to today.

Moving within a cloud of joyful radiant knowing my entire being is filled, with the brimming veil of all that is sacred  as I drive to Unity for the Sunday service.  I arrive confident and late.  I sit.  My body goes through the motions to rise and sign the Lord’s Prayer.  Nothing comes out of my mouth, my lips won’t move.  I am guided outside to keep the feminine sacred this day rather than sing in devotion to the masculine principle.

The Earth calls me to the creek along the edge of the church property. I sit, Indian style with my face to the sun enclosed by autumns’ fallen amber, crimson, and clove.   Sunlight streaming illuminates my face and a luminescent spinning eight oval sphere appears.  It seems the spheres represent DNA.

The DNA fades and Mary Magdalene appears (first time I have seen in adult life), warming me with her soft, strong, grounded presence. Her energy is maiden, mother and crone of the highest light, vibrating integrity and wise compassion.

Guinevere appears.   I ask her what her role is in this vision and she lifts the veil into the ancient landscape of Avalon.  She reveals she is the gatekeeper and guide into Avalon.  She lifts the veil.

I enter, and see the Lady of the Lake rising from the sacred water.  Her sword held high.   I ask her what her message is.  She tells me it is time for all women to awaken from their sleep, to awaken to their deep knowing and to rise in unison to reclaim the feminine.

The entire day is sheathed in the veil of ancient knowing, gifts and wholeness.  I arise and give thanks and blessings to my sisters.

It is so and so it is!  Blessed Be!