Ancient Mary-Ancient Venus

December 2009 Goddess Circle Five Dance Recital
Spiritual Belly Dance performance – Ancient Mary-Ancient Venus
choreographed by Wendy Lynne Magdalena

I was guided to dance on a Pentagram-Star of Venus at the opening of Goddess Day.

I created this star with a blanket and tape, with an Excalibur sword to Lorenna McKennit’s music, The Mystic’s Dream.  During this time I was experiencing Saturn in opposition to my natal Saturn (and also conjunct natal Uranus Pluto Venus).

I practiced my dance for several months, and followed the recommended Goddess Circle 5 daily meditations, mantras, and active visualizations with Mother Mary for six months.

While creating the pentagram, I was moved to complete the astrological mandala I began during a study of mandalas and Carl Jung several years before.  The central theme to the mandala is Saturn in Pisces (my PPP), which I now experience as Mother Mary (in prior years Quan Yin and Isis).  

My dance is dedicated to Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Venus and Saturn.

The next day I had a profound experience of being at the very core of the earth.
There, the Star of Venus resides…

The split between Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary within my soul is healed…the ultimate sacred marriage!

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