Astrological Soul Retrieval

Are you ready to get the to bottom line of your soul’s intention?

Journey into a two-day organic creative process of astrological soul exploration, to discover the deepest meaning of your soul’s intention and its resistance to actualizing that intention.

~With conscious body movement, breath, guided imagery, mythological, archetypal and astrological evolutionary language, we will connect with the most poignant areas of our lives.

Based on evolutionary astrological principles, as well as creative metaphor, participants will learn the language of their innate Pluto Posture, their Pluto Polarity Point and their Nodal Soul Axis, as well as the archetypes that rule them.

To gather and harness the power of the soul, and its desire and intent in this life, is a tremendous feat, etched and compounded by many lives, gathered into the current life.

Through this process deep emotions (may) arise, which reveal the struggle and immense effort required to fully actualize the soul and courageously fulfill its impulse.

Questions we will address in the class:  where am I stuck, what are my desires and passions, what keeps me from fulfilling those desires?

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