Spinach Salad

In March of 2014 I studied Chinese Nutrition, which was wonderful.  Taught by Heidi Most–a must have professor for any student at Maryland University of Integrative Health. I already had a strong background in Chinese Nutrition and Chinese Theory, but the class brought forward all the missing pieces.  I had read Paul Pitchford’s book, HealingContinue reading “Spinach Salad”

WOMEN & Stomach Health

Through menarche and peri-menopause, to menopause and post-menopause, it’s a dance to reach for optimal health within a sick-care system. Through my own personal long, winding and sometimes mysterious road to find healing for underlying health conditions, I feel a strong desire and obligation to share all the information I found that changed my life.Continue reading “WOMEN & Stomach Health”

Digestion; Virgo & 4th House

Astrologically, the Virgo generation (those born 1959-1969) is digestively, doubly-challenged. Virgo relates to digestive health and Pluto with elimination, thus Pluto in Virgo generation gets a double dose of stomach chi (for good or ill). If the generational planets are in the 4th house of the stomach, the ability to digest, or lack there of,Continue reading “Digestion; Virgo & 4th House”

Why I Love Pumpkin

Oh how I love pumpkin! I love to grow it, cook with it and eat it. What’s so great about pumpkin?  Pumpkin is nutritious, delicious and a perfect food for those who have damp conditions and/or spleen chi deficiency. Pumpkin has a cooling thermal nature. It’s sweet and slightly bitter. All of this means it’s goodContinue reading “Why I Love Pumpkin”