One thing we all have in common is food. We all need to eat, to take in nourishment. How we create nourishment varies, and is based on where we are in life. From our perspective, there is no right or wrong, only choice.

The Cooking Coach is birthed out of the deep healing relationship I have found with food.  It hasn’t always been positive.  Over the years, unwinding the disempowered and dysfunctional patterns, which made it complicated and led to poor health, fear, and imbalance finally changed.

In the modern world, that’s not so simple to do.

Education, training and implementing healing recipes into my life have been invaluable, in addition to the options alternative medicine have offered in resolution to auto-immune disorders and other health challenges I’ve had.

As a woman who loves everything about food: growing it, cooking it, eating it and composting it, I am thrilled to offer Health Coaching, Nutritional Tips, and Empowered Lifestyle Guidance.

The Cooking Coach offers an integrative approach to healing nutritional, lifestyle and relational challenges in achieving nourished wellness.