Evolutionary Impulse

To further comprehend where we are headed, it is essential to look back and see where we left off.

Astrologically defined by the outer planetary conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, Chiron in Pisces, and Neptune in Scorpio, the 1960s were full of extremes forging immense social change, the breaking of societal taboos, and awakening a soulful revolution-renaissance in the collective.

The sixties were a wedding of forces creating a distinctively tumultuous, raucous, crazy, disruptive, experimental, awakening and vibrant time.  Astrologer, Caroline Casey, from her book Making the Gods Work for You.

Linked with the later stages of the astrological wheel, the outer-planets operate trans-personally, beyond the subjective, slowly establishing their respective trends within the collective mind.  The pace that the outer planets travel determines phases of astrological time, defining a collective body of souls commonly termed as the next generation.  This is why each generation is different.  They are evolving, moving into the next phase of consciousness, thus manifesting necessary progress, i.e., evolution.

Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, often sudden and many times shocking was conjunct (up close to) Pluto, the planet of revolution via the transformation of power.  These two planets opposed Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in the sky and shed more light onto the planet than ever before, giving birth to what Eckhart Tolle terms ‘the flowering of consciousness’, flooding the earth with enough spiritual light to awaken our personal and collective wounds to the surface.  The synchronized dynamics created by Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron forced the collective unconscious to awaken and break free from the established spells of uniformity, and accepted norms.

The sheer force of three outer planets and the not yet discovered centaur Chiron, in intimate union, in the signs of Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio, formed the perfect environment for an enormous psychic-spiritual wake-up call (1962-Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Chiron opposing Uranus-Pluto (loosely)), awakening visionary voices for change.  Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and John F. Kennedy spoke a deep utter truth that challenged the powers that be, and the Freedom Fighters and the Black Panthers marched with unstoppable determination, calling for just and deserved civility, and the counter-culture (Vietnam War protests, flower power, peace, and sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll).  All of this took hold within the collective under these astrological influences, as did the emergence of environmental awareness (Rachel Carson, Silent Spring) and anti-pollution laws, depth psychology, health food and organic farming, Eastern spirituality, and the rise for women’s equality.  The expansion of the times brought forth a collective Kundalini awakening if you will.


Kundalini is an east Indian term which stands for snake, or serpent power.  When the Kundalini realms awaken within a person or a body of people heightened awareness of the subtle bodies’ increases ten-fold.  The energy rises up through the chakra centers of the subtle energy body, and conscious awareness occurs, attuning one to all living energy, seen or unseen.  The Chironic Force produces access to other dimensions, past lives or dreams, multi-dimensions, intuition, and spontaneous healing.  When the Chironic Force is established and utilized for with the greatest good healing becomes the natural state.  When suppressed, dis-ease and dysfunction take place.  This leads to addictive tendencies to mask the pain of mis-alignment.

Kundalini is a feminine force called Shakti.  Recently I learned about the over-population of Pythons in the Everglades at a small dinner party.  Pythons are being dumped into the swamps of the Everglades as they owners of these exotic animals are overwhelmed with their size.  The snakes are mass producing killing most life forms in the swamps including alligators.  As I listened, I thought of the force of the feminine, gathering in the lakes of Florida.  From a metaphysical perspective, I saw the feminine gaining power.

Currently, evolution is speeding up, therefore any un-evolved aspects of ourselves have risen to the surface, especially since last December 2006, so they may be siphoned off, removing any remaining residue and hold they have on us.  We are being asked to awaken now, and it can feel like we are on the hot seat, especially if we are out of balance with ourselves.  While evolution is propelling us forward, time feels as if it’s standing still so there is not much lag time between our thoughts and the outcomes they produce.

When our shadow, our lower natures are in charge, in any way, large or small, and they merge with the heightened consciousness now readily available in the universe, reactionary, stifling, and limiting experiences occur in bigger and greater forms than they have ever taken before, and will continue to do so, personally and collectively, so we won’t miss the message and further the energy of resistance on the planet and fueling fear and ego which has been operating for more than 2, 200 years.

Notice how evolution speeds up…not time. Contrary to the overwhelming sense of rush we’ve all felt of late, the scientific measurement of time has not increased enough to account for what we’ve been experiencing.  It is not time that is accelerating so much as creation itself, as it shifts and re-shifts to accommodate finer frequencies of vibration brought on by the expansion of higher states of consciousness.

The time buffer and the protections we once enjoyed—ample time to correct our folies, adjust to changing conditions, and integrate what we’ve learned—is virtually gone [unless we take the time of listen and connect with inner guidance] as the distance between events and their consequences has dramatically shortened.  The Internet, text messaging, cell phones, computers, digital cameras, TV, fax, lasers, fiber optics, and robotics all bring the world to our doorstep, instantaneously.  “How can I slow down, make sense of this? Is a question that strikes at the heart of each of us. We feel as if our entire planet is having a nervous breakdown (Atwater)

Although the consciousness of the times poured through, the times also mirrored the split within the collective as Saturn moved in to conjunct Chiron and oppose Uranus and Pluto in 1965.  Retrograde in motion, August 1965, the planetary opposition represented the distorted unconscious masculine (patriarchy), suppressing progressive avenues from merging into mainstream consciousness.  This isn’t to say amazing changes didn’t take place, it did, but overall the full realized feminine was still suppressed, and the masculine continued to split from its essential role in honoring and protecting the sacred feminine, the Earth (Ask Cindy for story).

Inspired healing solutions (Uranus in Virgo) for the good of the whole (Pisces) wanted to come forth.  But Saturn conjunct Chiron (inflicting serious wounds) in opposition to Uranus and Pluto expressed in the shocking misuse of power by the authorities, establishing an undercurrent of disregard for the individuated and rising power of the feminine archetype (Uranus, Pluto, Venus conjunction), creating a deep mistrust within the collective, furthering the collective spiritual wounds of the time to rise to an all time high.

The suppression of the misunderstood feminine archetype (Virgo) by those operating from shadow, combined with the intensity of light which came forward from the radical consciousness rising to the surface (collective Kundalini awakening, Uranus Pluto conjunct) had to channel somewhere, and it did.  It overflowed into the evolutionary impulse of the Pluto in Virgo generation.

The outer planets coming into exact waxing squares now, suggest that we need an upgrade in energy on every level.  Personally, this speaks to our sublte bodies, the emotional body…what I notice is that vibrational energy medicine will have a pronounced call in the collective body.  What used to work, will fad out, because it is just not potent enough to handle the upgrade in our nervous systems to handle the electrical impulses Uranus is sending us in its new cycle (in Aries).  From a Plutoian perspective, our souls, our collective bowels as well as our own, can ither stagnant and hold onto the past (because of fear of the detox-psychic soul awakening (memories) that comes with letting go), shadow of Capricorn–we have loads of that, depression or miserly postures can take hold of our physical bodies and our structures here on earth.