What is your Soul’s Path?

In Evolutionary Astrology, before we analyze a chart, we attempt to determine the evolutionary state of the soul.

With an evolutionary backdrop clarified, the planetary bodies, their aspects, archetypal signatures, and the soul’s desire (signified by Pluto and its house, sign and aspects) comes to life with greater depth (Scorpio).

The three different evolutionary states relate to the soul’s inner orientation and the nature of their desires:


70% of the population is in a consensus state, 20-30% are in an individuated state, and 3-5% are in the spiritual state.  Within each state their are 3 stages that the soul goes through, as it evolves through its numerous lives.

To help determine which state of evolution your soul is in TAKE THIS TEST BELOW (this helps to clarify but is not by any means exhaustive and is meant to offer general exploration):

How often do you meditate?
Are your affiliated with a religious organization?
Are you radically opposed to society and consensus reality?
Is your life process about creativity and self-actualization?
Do you read books about spirituality, healing and the like?
Do you belong to clubs, groups that are unique?
Do you feel alienated from society?
Do you feel internally different, but choose to hide those differences by following status quo, so you will fit in?
Do you belong to groups to fit in, to gain a sense of security?
Is your third eye attuned, activated?
Do you live by your intuition?
Do you value cosmological knowledge?
Do you intensely want to know why life is the way it is?
Do you intensely question your own soul and its reason for being?


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