The Meeting of Body, Mind & Energy Field

The Pilates method is a unique body conditioning system of movement and therapeutic exercise, developed over a span of 60 years, by Joseph H. Pilates, a German born athlete and physical therapy pioneer.  

Pilates combined his extensive knowledge of Hatha Yoga and martial arts with his skills as a competitive athlete to create a system of exercises that successfully strengthened the “core” musculature of the torso, aligned the skeletal structure, heightened body awareness, and increased flexibility.

His system has been widely used by the most famous dancers and athletes of our time, for rehabilitation and prevention of injury.The method works by toning muscles and balancing force at the joints, through a series of exercises which incorporate specific breathing techniques and vivid visualizations.

It improves circulation and increases range of motion, while stretching and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit.  The emphasis of the Pilates exercises is on restoring the body to true balance, ease and economy of movement, and developing awareness of a natural flow of organic energy. 

It is totally revitalizing!