Coaching works best with individuals who seek change and want support in creating and maintaining it.

Whether its health challenges, life transitions or an authentic desire to uncover our true selves, the art of coaching is sure to assist.

In fact, we can assure there is probable room for GROWTH, HEALING, and cultivation of POSITIVE CHANGE and achievement in every area of your life, and we are here to assist you in this process.  Our style of coaching provides the latest in integrative wellness, mindfulness based programs and comprehensive pure coaching, as well as integrative education in nutrition, herbalism, energy medicine, energywork and healing.

What is Pure Coaching?

Pure coaching is a co-creative relationship between client and coach, based in honesty, powerful facilitation and motivational strategies. Facilitation occurs within a healing space, to assist in the discovery of what you DESIRE, and to support you in courageously going for it, and reaching for what is most VALUED in your personal, professional and relational life.

We also offer Group Coaching for those interested in nutritionally focused support.