Group Coaching

Group coaching brings us together, connects us with others who have similar desire to change, and offers coaching at an affordable cost.

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In our time together we will focus on health and wellness related topics, as well as archetypal and elemental patterns, such as:

Nutrition & Nourishment
Energy Healing/Body Mapping
Empowered Movement/Exercise
Seasonal Elements

Through this exploration life related topics will rise to the surface to naturally be explored.

This style of coaching is perfect for those seeking change in regard to weight loss/health issues, building self-esteem and happiness, career, relationships, and living an authentic fulfilling life.

Showing up for yourself, and others doing the same, creates a supportive environment for change.  We typically do not change in a vacuum.  It happens when we come out of our protective shells.  With courage and willingness, the impossible become possible.
Sessions include nutritional presentation, guided meditation or body-centered practice, and moving together (walking, qi gong, swimming), as well as coaching.
2021 Dates Coming Soon!