New Moons & Full Moons

New Moons shed fresh light onto the planet and into our lives, bringing new growth cycles and opportunities with them, thus, it is a good time for planting new seeds, literally and figuratively.

If we are ready to call forth new opportunities, new pathways, or new patterns into our lives, three days before and after a new moon is a profound time to write down our intentions, desires, and commitments to the universe. Spend time ritualizing your dreams. Read them out loud to or silently to Spirit as a prayer, light a candle, or plant something in the soil and watch your intentions bloom into fruition.

Then by the Full moon whatever you have aligned with, whatever you have planted in the mind of the universe comes to bear or it falls away. Full Moons bring the shadow to its fullest expression. Whatever we have been repressing, disowning, or hiding from is illuminated in full light. Therefore, it is important to be very sincere and clear about our “heart prayers” in the new moon phase, especially if they include asking for the removal of old patterns, obstacles, etc.

The New and Full moon cycles are times of going within, to develop solitude and harmony with our emotional natures. Full Moons are notorious for the expression of the unconscious, personally and collectively. Thus by communing directly with the specific messages the lunar tides bring us each month–we gain insight in how to relate to the rhythms of our planet, and our inner emotional tides–so we can consciously create or clear whatever needs to be dealt with.

The Earth’s climate is regulated by the moon’s tides and so are we. Women’s menstrual cycles flow in a similar pattern. When we are in conscious rhythm with our inner and outer climates, and our mental and emotional bodies, our triple heater (our thermostat/or boundaries), we are in union with ourselves, and this alleviates symptoms of menstrual stress. For more information about this check out Dr. Christiane Northrup’s work.

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