Nutrition vs. Nourishment

Let thy food, be thy medicine. ~Hippocrates

Nutrition has never been more simple and more complicated: grain-free, gluten-free, Paleo, Vegan. Which way is best for our bodies?

Wellness is not stagnant, it is a creative on-going dance we participate in. The food we eat, the groceries we buy, and the reverence we have for the cultivation of such food influences how our bodies receive it.

A healthy relationship with food is primary to our well-being. And along with food, it’s the relationship that I feel most passionate about.

I have always been a foodie.  I love the feel, taste and texture of food.  I love shopping for food (most of the time), preparing it and enjoying the satisfaction of eating it, and experiencing the flood of benefits my cells receive when nourishing myself, family and friends with whole food.

My relationship with food though hasn’t always been so easy.  I had an obsessive and challenging relationship with food throughout my life (for many reasons).  At this point most of those challenges don’t have the power over me they once had, but the dance continues (on many levels) to be more vigilant than ever in eating a whole food nutrient dense diet.  Menopause, thyroid auto-immune push my edge in furthering the path of self-care and the path of learning to give myself nourishment along with a pure desire (even if it hangs out underneath the surface at times) to feel fabulous motivate me on a daily basis.

Our relationship to food in influenced by many things: genetics, family traditions, marketing, labeling, misinformation, poor gut health (leads to addictive patterns), and our general elemental nature (we each have our own tendencies based on dominant elements).

If we are eating well, but are out of balance in other areas of our lives, we are receiving nutrition, but not necessarily feeling nourished.  Nourishment comes in many forms.

All and all our bodies are influenced greatly by the foods we eat.  The food we ingest, the environments we live in-physical and emotional-take root in our bodies.  Our hope here is to meet you where you are in your relationship to food, and support you in living in conscious relationship with yourself on every level, including our dance with daily nutritional intake.