Poetry Book Acknowledgements

Much of my early writings express voices from deep within that were suppressed, stunned, and traumatized.   Pen and paper gave way to the battle waging within, as I recovered from addictions, abuse, codependency patterns, intense fourth house patterns, and ancient soul memories.  Lighter happier themes surfaced later, after I emerged from the karmic heaviness my soul came to metamorphosis through.

Writing poetically emerged the eve of my mother’s funeral and thereafter.  Many were written the following year in massage school during my Saturn return and later during transiting Pluto square to natal Pluto.

The musings are a collection of my heart and Venusian soul written over a few decades of discovering, recovering, healing and embodying my whole self.

All of these writings are dedicated to all those who touched me deeply, and helped encourage my creative healing path:

Louise Hay~Author, Self-Help
Lynette Hagan~Artist and 12-Step Sponsor
Jane Ross~Family of Origin Addiction Counselor
Jill Biller~2nd Semester Massage Instructor (couldn’t have done it without you)
Suzanne Nixon~Somatic Psychotherapist, Seer and Healer
Kathy English Holt, Joanne Checchi~1st Semester Massage Instructors
Rose Khalsa~Shamanic Healer
Sue Greer~Gifted Psychic Shamanic Healer
Mardi Fisher~Insightful spiritually aware friend and massage classmate
Clementina Brown~Spiritual Bellydancer, Healer, Teacher, Artist, Friend
Diane Sullivan~Soul of souls, Spiritual Mentor and Friend
Charlene Ellis~Creative Writing Professor
Madia Solomon~Women’s Studies Professor

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