Oracle Visions

In autumn of 2004, a gifted young woman, Nicole E., initiated a circle of intuitive women to gather once a month on the full moon.

The intention of the group was to channel information about how to work with the web of the Earth in support of furthering planetary healing for all of Earth’s inhabitants.  As we gathered each month we set an intention and meditated to receive guidance of how we were to direct our time together.  We drummed, danced, sang and surely channeled our individual and collective insights as our clairvoyance came forward.

After each gathering, I began having profound dreams and visions related to the feminine.  By late October I had a waking visionary visitation from Mary Magdalene, Guinevere and the Lake of the Lake.

Since then I have had continuous visions.

Autumn settles in as Halloween approaches, and the veil between worlds becomes increasingly thin.  The dusk of All Hollow’s Eve hangs mysteriously in the air and  I decorate the house with the help of my cats.

My furry little babes fly around with their fairy wings and  magical broomsticks as I sort through the witch-hat lights, to decorate the front entrance way of the house.  The mystical waters of Scorpio are palpable and we float through the house before settling in for the night.

I awake, Halloween day, embodied with ‘Blessed Be’ permeating my being. The Goddess gracefully whispers into every molecule as I move about preparing for the day. Silently she invokes her sacred song into my complete essence, whispering aliveness and blissful wellness to every woman who sings her sacred song to today.

Moving within a cloud of joyful radiant knowing my entire being is filled, with the brimming veil of all that is sacred  as I drive to Unity for the Sunday service.  I arrive confident and late.  I sit.  My body goes through the motions to rise and sign the Lord’s Prayer.  Nothing comes out of my mouth, my lips won’t move.  I am guided outside to keep the feminine sacred this day rather than sing in devotion to the masculine principle.

The Earth calls me to the creek along the edge of the church property. I sit, Indian style with my face to the sun enclosed by autumns’ fallen amber, crimson, and clove.   Sunlight streaming illuminates my face and a luminescent spinning eight oval sphere appears.  It seems the spheres represent DNA.

The DNA fades and Mary Magdalene appears (first time I have seen in adult life), warming me with her soft, strong, grounded presence. Her energy is maiden, mother and crone of the highest light, vibrating integrity and wise compassion.

Guinevere appears.   I ask her what her role is in this vision and she lifts the veil into the ancient landscape of Avalon.  She reveals she is the gatekeeper and guide into Avalon.  She lifts the veil.

I enter, and see the Lady of the Lake rising from the sacred water.  Her sword held high.   I ask her what her message is.  She tells me it is time for all women to awaken from their sleep, to awaken to their deep knowing and to rise in unison to reclaim the feminine.

The entire day is sheathed in the veil of ancient knowing, gifts and wholeness.  I arise and give thanks and blessings to my sisters.

It is so and so it is!  Blessed Be!

 Ancient Mary-Ancient Venus December 2009 Goddess Circle Five Recital

I was guided to dance on a Pentagram-Star of Venus at the opening of Goddess Day.

Choreographing a Spiritual Belly Dance to Lorenna McKennit’s music, The Mystic’s Dream, I started by created a five-pointed star with tape and blanket, and borrowing an Excalibur Sword.

During this time I was experiencing Saturn in opposition to my natal Saturn (and also conjunct natal Uranus Pluto Venus).

I practiced my dance for five months and followed the recommended Goddess Circle-5 daily meditations, mantras, and active visualizations with Mother Mary.

While creating the pentagram, I was moved to complete the astrological mandala I began during a study of mandalas and Carl Jung several years before. The central theme to the mandala is Saturn in Pisces (my PPP), which I now experience as Mother Mary (in prior years it was Quan Yin).

Dedicated to Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Venus and Saturn the dance and the timing (transit) pulled on my deepest feminine knowing, memories, and karmic connection to the Divine Mother, addressing the split I had carried for centuries  (the celestial and terrestrial Mary).

Literally shaking, I performed the dance.  It was a profound experience….the next day I had a profound experience of being at the very core of the earth.
There, the Star of Venus resides…

The split between Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary within my soul is healed…the ultimate sacred marriage!

Capricorn Mary Lunar Eclipse
Mary, the universal feminine archetype, is the portal for the birthing of a New Earth and the Age of Aquarius.

Sacred Marriage ChaliceMary has been very strong and readily available on the earth plane, throughout the current Venus cycle ( June 2004 thru June 2012). Via Venus and extraordinary Moons, like tonight’s eclipse, Mary bestows her message of higher love and sacred divinity onto the earth, helping us move into higher and higher vibration frequencies, to assist in our labor and delivery process (evolution of our species) as we merge into a new world.

June 26, 2010
Driving home tonight, June 25th, on the eve of the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto, part of the cardinal Grand Cross, an aqua blue crescent illuminated the moon.

It was extraordinary. I felt and then knew Mary was sending a message. Upon my arrival home, I went out back to lay underneath the moon.

After spending time admiring the exquisite light show put on the hundreds of fire flies in the trees (more than can remember ever seeing), Mary appeared in my waking vision-meditation (in similar form as the photo below) though her hands were by her sides and her palms were facing outward toward humanity and all beings.

The Earth was at her womb and the cardinal cross, turned on its axis, around the earth, like a dreidal turned upside down. Within the cross, layers of luminescent veils surrounded the Earth, like membranes of subtle energy fields, layered and beautiful, much like an energetic vagina.

I then heard this version of the Hail Mary:

mothermaryearthpregnantHoly Mother
Divine Goddess of Grace
Illuminator of our Birth

Delivery us Now
Midwife Between Worlds
Steadfast our Hearts

Hail Blue Mary
Blessings for All Beings
At the moment of Our New Earth

There was more from Mary, but I am not able to convey right now. I then saw a white buffalo and White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Both Goddesses are very present now and helping us move through these birthing times. If we create the sacred space and call on them, we will be assisted. I was deeply moved and filled with grace and gratitude. I hope to offer a sacred ceremony this weekend in dedication to the crescent we are peaking with now as we begin to birth through the summer transits.

For the first time, in a while, particularly around everything happening on the planet, I am filled with hope. Mary’s message is one of immense compassion and love which includes forgiveness on every level.

With love,
Wendy Bast Magdalena






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