We each have defining signatures, which express in varying ways.

Some of us are self-focused, where others tend to put everyone else first.  Then there are those who continually adventure seek, and those quite connect to be home knitting, cooking, and reading.

The truth is, we are a variety of different signatures that make up our complete essence and personality.  No two of us are exactly alike, though we may have similarities.

Signatures can express in healthy ways and unhealthy ways.  There is no one right answer for how we are “supposedly” to be.  It is more likely that we express from our integrated authentic selves or somewhere along the spectrum of operating from the shadow of our true nature.

Usually we are encapsulated with what has helped us maneuver in a world out of touch with the practice of grounded, natural resourcing of our wholeness.

Finding our core essence and living from it is a powerful process. One of unfoldment and discovery.