What Does the Stomach Have to Do with Optimal Health for Women?

We women have much to maintain optimal health.  As generations progress along, we glean more and more information on what we truly require in each stage of our journeys in menarche, peri-menopause, and menopause and post-menopause.

imgresThrough the long and winding mysterious road of healing the underlying health challenges I had, after the intense journey of menopause (there really needs to be a better word for this!!!) I feel a strong desire and inherent obligation to share all the information I found that changed my life.

For thirty-five years I suffered with bouts of chronic pain, which ultimately led to discovering low stomach acid, (h-Pilori).  

Why is the stomach such an important organ for women’s health?  It’s the main meridian that runs through the breast.  In fact, it runs directly through the nipple.  Meridians run parallel on each side of the body.   The stomach meridian begins just about the eye, in the skull, then travels down to the eye, under the eye, then lateral to the ear, to the lateral jaw and along to the front of the jaw, and descends along both sides of the larynx (ST meridian is linked to sore throats).  From there is continues down directly through the breast/nipple, through the stomach/gallbladder, down to the ovaries, and then turns lateral across the hip flexors and down the lateral side of the femur and to its final destination, the middle toe.

In Chinese Medicine the stomach is considered an earth organ.  And functions as…

I found myself on the precipice of menopause and had no clue, I was so close to making this huge transition.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time.  At the age of forty-three, the mid-life transitions were occurring and I experienced great awakenings and much loss.  The loss included my home, my power, numerous relationships, the grounding I had worked so hard to establish and

Living in other people’s homes is not simple–as a child or an adult.