Empowerment is a common term these days, though we may not truly understand it’s meaning.

It is the opposite of the misuse of power. Personally, I didn’t know what it meant until I entered on a journey that led to the restoration of my own soul recognition, which reflected in being freed from chronic physical pain and low self-esteem.

DSC_0706Empowerment essentially means being one’s own authority, and does not give their core energy (their solar vibration) over to anyone or anything.  In our culture(s) we have learned to take what we like…

especially women or those who have been abused, to abdicate our truth, our needs, what we value.  The motivations to do so are varied, sometimes stemming from unmet early needs, trauma, addictions…

In ancient healing traditions empowerment was natural, innate, because the heart was not bypassed, in order to achieve an agenda.  True empowerment comes when we are living alive, with all the energy centers open and flowing.

My intention here at Integrated Empowered You is to assist and facilitate others to discover their innate essence, their innate ability to live integrated (awakened energy body grounded in the physical body) through the sharing of grounded resources and tools that lead to health, vitality and empowerment.

What does Integrated mean?