why astrology

Astrology is a tool to better understand the self and the complexities of the psyche, and it also offers a means to grasp the movement of the collective, rather than depend solely on the singular lens of the daily chronicles.

Larger Context

Astrology provides a context for what goes on in the collective, just as it does within ourselves, offering diverse perspectives.

I have found the rhythm of the planets to be an accurate barometer of both personal and collective temperatures.

This took me deeper into understanding my soul’s past conditioning, and its intention to transform and metamorphosize out of conditioned patterns (immense trauma, fear, emotional projection, guilt and suffering) to responsible soul tending through self-love, compassion and service to humanity, God and Goddess.

The language of astrology continually encourages me forward through cycles of growth, around the wheel of time–beyond the limitations of my personality and any resistance to evolve–towards my heart and my soul desires.


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